3 Fun Activities To Make Music Part Of Your Day

We all have different tastes but there isn’t a person I have met so far that doesn’t like music!

As adults we are often more reserved about letting go of our inhibitions but children love music & are drawn to it – they just can’t help themselves bottom bouncing to a beat!

Music is powerful, we celebrate & mourn with music & it can change our mood which is why movies & adverts always use emotion provoking soundtracks to draw us in.

Ensuring music becomes a part of your day helps our physical, emotional & social wellbeing & here are just a few of the amazing benefits for your family:

  • Music encourages physical activity – by moving & dancing it provides a good aerobic exercise which creates healthy bodies by increasing fitness, strengthening muscles & it also reduces muscle tension too.
  • Singing & dancing together builds relationships, it creates synchronization & allows you to create connections & a stronger bond with others.
  • The combination of music & movement releases feel-good hormones & allows you to let go of your inhibitions whilst allowing you to express & regulate your emotions.
  • Listening to lyrics & rhythms within music really develops listening skills & in turn helps develop relationships.
  • Finally, the most important of all – it is fun & can create lots of smiles, giggles & happiness!

I have 2 little girls who love music just like me, we can’t go a day without music & we regularly sing & dance together, either as planned activities or catching snippets of music in the day on tv or the radio.

I also love running my Bop Tots classes & seeing the children & their parents enjoy the music & activities together. We have great fun experiencing different kinds of music & we have such a wide variety of styles in the world – listening to Classical, Latin, Country & lots of the other genres is brilliant to encourage them to move to different beats & tempos & express how the music makes them feel. Some children can feel self-conscious at first in a planned activity but watching me & their parents as positive role models enjoying the music encourages them to & we do also use props such as scarves, puppets & instruments to encourage them to dance & move their bodies.


There are lots of ways you can make music a part of your daily routine, you can listen to it in the background through the radio or an online music provider, whilst cooking dinner is great to keep your little ones entertained. But there are so many easy & fun activities you can enjoy at home too, here are mine & my girls top 3 activities for you to try:

1. Flick Dance

Basically, we flick between different genres of music & we must change our style of dancing to fit the music & how it makes us feel – this is perfect for all ages. Depending on the genre playing, it creates lots of giggles especially dancing ballet style to classical music & head banging to metal or rock music. Make sure you join in doing silly dances too as it adds to the fun for your little ones.

You can use the radio, an online music provider or download the track below I edited especially for ‘Flick Dance’.


2. Dance Party

Throw a dance party, this is so much fun & you can choose different themed parties. Our favourite is a disco – we make the room dark, get out the flashy lights & glow sticks & dance away to our favourite songs.

You can also throw a fancy-dress party & make funny dances up to go with your character or you could throw a pretend birthday party & enjoy lots of musical games.

3. Children’s Songs

Enjoying songs with actions or directions is brilliant for your little one’s development, it really encourages their listening skills & co-ordination plus as a parent it gives great satisfaction knowing there are really expanding their learning through play. A few ideas of songs are:

  • Finger play songs like ‘Incey Wincey Spider’ & ‘Hickory Dickory Dock’
  • Knee bouncing songs like ‘Row Row Row Your Boat’ & ‘We’re going this way, that way’
  • Action songs like ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes’ & ‘Teddy Bear Teddy Bear, Turn Around’
  • Counting Songs like ‘5 Little Ducks’ & ‘10 Green Bottles’

If you need help finding music & song then YouTube is great for free music to listen to, there are hundreds of channels & playlists dedicated to songs for children & other genres too.

So, let’s get bopping & make music a daily part of yours & your little one’s lives!

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