I know I am a little biased as I run classes for you and your little one but it really is important to attend classes & groups & Serena from Mums Empowerment Movement explains why.

Becoming a mum can be a pretty lonely journey.

When we see that positive pregnancy test, we instantly become excited and start planning and nesting to welcome a newborn into our lives, and during pregnancy, because we are so focused on the baby, we rarely stop to think about how we will feel when the new life is born.

You see, from conception our maternal motherly instincts tell us to focus purely on the child, but soon after we birth our new bundle of joy we suddenly realise the extent of the impact that this life changing event has had on both our physical and mental health, as well as our personal wellbeing as a woman and human being.

Birthing a child is often an overwhelming experience, with mixed emotions of fear, pain, joy, love, frustration, and confusion all rolled into one, which hit us like a ton of bricks the instant our baby is first put in our arms.

This is why advice and support in motherhood is so important.

But as all the mums reading this will be able to understand, some advice and support might not be the best for our mental health and wellbeing, and can often lead to us feeling more isolated and inadequate as a new mother.  Especially as advice from family members and friends in the early days can often be contractory and leave us even more confused.

This is where ‘mummy friends’ come in.

They are there to share stories and experiences, give advise based on the same things you are going through as a similar time, provide a shoulder to cry on when things get too much, plus have a giggle with when life as a mum gets too intense.

And how do we meet them in the early days before the nursery and school runs?

From child and mum-related groups, classes and events – that’s how!!

This is why Mums Empowerment Movement was created, to bring together UK mums in safe and fun environments, and to support and empower one another.

We also support many local charities and community groups, such a Bop Tots, in order to showcase them to encourage mums in their area to participate.

We do this at our Mega Meet Up event, which will take place again on Thursday 23rd July 2020 at Holiday Inn Norwich North.

We also connect, support and empower mums through our online community via Facebook and with our new Mums Empowerment Movement’s Guide to Motherhood (Volume One), where Karen Sidell (Bop Tots Owner) is one of our featured Authors.

The book is available to order now, and contains 4 inspirational, truthful and insightful stories of different aspects of motherhood, plus an nontraditional Foreword from MEM’s Founder’s 7 year old daughter Ella!



Written by various mums in the United Kingdom, each story shares a different experience of motherhood and birth, and offers an insightful tip to guide other mother’s and expectant mums, and offer them advice and support, when facing similar situations.

This book has the ultimate aim to reach out to mothers and share stories that other mums/future mums can resonate with, and find comfort and hope when reading.

You can order your copy and support us to raise valuable funds for Mums Empowerment Movement, so we can continue connecting, supporting and empowering UK mums.

Written by Serena Fordham, Founder of Mums Empowerment Movement – www.mumsempowermentmovement.co.uk.

Serena Fordham - Founder of Mums Empowerment Movement

Serena Fordham

Founder of Mums Empowerment Movement, Her Business Revolutions & Glow Virtual Assistants. Serena is an expert Business Strategist, Growth/Development and Empowerment Mentor to Female Entrepreneurs; as well as a best selling Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur and successful multiple Business Owner. Her main passion is offering business strategies, support and empowerment to ambitious and high vibe business women through HER Business Revolution.

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