Songs At Home With Drums & Rhythm Sticks

Let’s have some fun with our banging our Drums & tapping our Rhythm Sticks.

Enjoy Bop Tots at Home with your drums or rhythm sticks and bop along to some of our favourite songs.

If you don’t have any rhythm sticks at home you can make your own using 2 sticks or wooden spoons and you can make your own drums by using a plastic tub or saucepan turned upside down and a wooden spoon as a beater.

.Tap My Drum by Kira Willey
  • We are going to tap our drums and dance along to the music.
“I’m gonna Tap, Tap, Tap my drum”

Elephant Stomp by Ahjay Stelino

  • Let’s march around the room and stomp our feet while banging our drums slowly to make a loud stomping noise!
“The Elephants are marching with a stomp, stomp”

We Will Rock You by Queen

  • Bang your drum along to the music and try to follow the beat.

Music Music Music by Sticky Kids

  • Grab your Rhythm sticks and tap along to the music as follows.
“Sticks tap high, & sticks tap low, we tap our sticks &around we go. We shake our hips & tap our sticks to the music”
Stretch & Tap

I Hear Thunder by Kids Now

  • Tap your sticks as follows..
“I hear Thunder” – Tap your sticks together
“Pitter Patter” – Bang your sticks on the floor
“I see blue skies” – Tap your sticks together
“Hurry up sunshine” – Bang your sticks on the floor

Teddy Bears Picnic by Rhymes & Rhythm

  • Tiptoe around the room slowly tapping your sticks together to sneak through the woods while the teddy bears have their picnic.
Let’s have some fun and get ‘Bopping’ at home to all these songs in the playlist below.

If you would like to enjoy more music & songs at home you can get a free taster of 
The Bop Tots Club

Fun & energetic music & movement sessions & songs – online & on demand for under 5’s.

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