Parachute Activities & Songs To Enjoy At Home

We love the parachute at Bop Tots and you can still enjoy the activities at home too.

Enjoy Bop Tots at Home and bop along to some of our favourite parachute songs and a few relaxation ones too.


If you don’t have a parachute at home then you can use blanket or small sheet instead.


Under the sea by Disney

  • Move the parachute up and down like the waves and during the chorus shake the parachute and dance!

Reach by SClub 7

  • Dance with the parachute, start by moving in and out, then shake the parachute, before reaching up and lifting it high in the air during the chorus and repeat.

Ball games by Roots by Ruark

  • Grab your parachute and a selection of balls and move the balls around by waving the parachute up and down and shaking it.

Row Row Row your Boat by Kidzone

  • Sit on the floor with your parachute and tuck your legs underneath, use your parachute as a boat and row back and forth until you “see a crocodile” then lift your parachute in the air and scream!

Peekaboo by Super Simple Songs

  • Play peekaboo with your parachute and lift it up every time the song says “Peekaboo!”

Enjoy a little rest and relaxation under the parachute with these songs.

  • Sonata #8 by Beethoven
  • New World Symphony #9 by Dvorak
Let’s have some fun and get ‘Bopping’ at home to all these songs in the playlist below.

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