Songs To Dance With Your Teddy Bear At Home

Teddy Bears Picnic Day is on the 10th July, let’s celebrate with some Teddy Bear themed songs.

Rockabye Your Bear by The Wiggles

  • Dance with your teddy bear and follow the actions to the song.
Turn Around
Hands in the Air
Rock Your Bear
Ssh Ssh

Marching Teddies by Sticky Kids

  • March Around in a circle and follow the actions.
Marching 1 by 1
Sit Down – Stand Up
Marching 2 by 2
Marching 3 by 3
Marching 4 by 4
Open Door
Marching 5 by 5
Dry Yourself

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear Turn Around by The Wiggles

  • Grab your teddy and follow the actions below!
“Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear ………”
Turn Around
Touch The Ground
Pat Your Head
Go To Bed
Wake Up
Take a Bow
Touch Nose
Dance on Toes
Stand Still

Round and Round the Garden by Musical Teachers

  • Let’s go round and round the garden like a teddy bear – 
Move your Finger Around on your hand
Step up your arm – 1,2,3
Tickle under your ar
Let’s have some fun and get ‘Bopping’ at home to all these songs in the playlist below.

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