Make Your Own Musical Instruments

Our last activity idea for the Summer Holidays series is a ‘Shake It!’ & ‘Make It!’ activity – make your own musical instruments with recycled items.

This is a great activity to get creative to see what you can find in the house and the different sounds that can be produced from them.

Here are a few ideas of instruments you can make, with what you need and how to make them. They are super simple to make too!

Tissue Box Guitar

You will need:

  • 1 x tissue box
  • 4 x elastic bands
  • stickers
  • scissors

How to make:

  1. Make 4 cuts either end of the tissue box (this is where the elastic bands will be held in place
  2. Stretch the elastic bands over the box and place each one into the cuts you made
  3. Decorate with Stickers
  4. Strum away!


Milk Bottle or Cup Shaker

You will need:

  • 1 x milk bottle (1pt or 2pt is the perfect size for your little one) or 2 x plastic cups
  • Rice
  • stickers
  • Tape

How to make:

  1. fill your bottle or 1 cup halfway with rice
  2. place lid or the other cup on and tape to ensure it is secures
  3. Decorate with Stickers
  4. Shake away!


Cardboard Tube Janglers

You will need:

  • 1 x cardboard Tube
  • 4 x metal bottle tops
  • stickers
  • Tape

How to make:

  1. tape on edge of your tube closed
  2. place bottle tops inside
  3. tape the other edge of your tube, the opposite way to make a pyramid shape
  4. decorate with sticks
  5. Jangle away!


What other instruments could you make with recycled items?

You can use your instruments & dance along to the songs in our Bop Tots @ Home Music Videos in The Bop Tots Club or with

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