Baby Wearing – Which Carrier Should I Buy?

Looking after your baby whilst running around after your older children is tough but baby wearing can make it so much easier & I carry a lot using slings & baby carriers. There are lots on the market but Victoria Trevor from Kangaroo Together has some tips for us on choosing the right carrier.

Every Baby Carrier Is Different & What Works For One, May Not For Others!

When my daughter was born, we were given a couple of pre-loved carriers, one of which was a high street carrier and I was so excited to carry her around our local park in the heavy snow! It’s still my favourite memory of way back then.

However, I didn’t feel completely safe using it as she seemed to be falling backwards..was it broken or just badly fitting? Wasn’t it meant to be hands free?

It also hurt my back and was a total nightmare to get on as there were so many straps and buckles that it just went in a bag under the stairs.

So we invested £60 in a stretchy wrap and that went under the stairs too as we couldn’t fathom it at all!

Until, that is, my son was born two years later. Second time around, I thought, this will be a synch.

Oh but, oh my goodness. He would NOT STOP crying, night and day!! We thought he had colic and reflux and tried everything. He would not be put down and just cried and cried.

Then I pulled out the unused stretchy wrap. Honest to God, I had no idea how to use it. So I persuaded my husband to visit a local sling library with me to find out and, we really never looked back.

Now, as a trained Child Carrying Consultant, and having set up a sling Consultancy and library business of my own, having used and trained childcare providers, sling manufacturers, doulas and midwives to use hundreds of different types of carriers, believe me, there are so many wonderful, comfortable and colourful baby carriers to try!

So what should we be looking for in our perfect baby carrier?

  1. • Well, we shouldn’t make do with an uncomfortable carrier, that’s for sure!
  2. • And we shouldn’t give up if the first one we try on hurts our back either.
  3. • Don’t think that you have to be a hippy to carry your infant. Why is it hippyish to want to do the best for your infant and respond to his or her every need?
  4. • This in turn is how a secure attachment is formed and leads to long term healthier happier children and then in turn adults.
  5. • Don’t think that your baby weighs too much to be carried as you can carry children of up to 8 years or beyond.
  6. • Don’t think the most expensive carrier is the best. Woven wraps and ring slings can be bought at bargain prices on Facebook sites.
  7. • We shouldn’t believe all the recommendations on google, Amazon or John Lewis as these are governed by how much marketing budget a company has!
  8. • Do NOT trust second hand carriers on EBay or Amazon as there are so many fakes out there.
  9. • Don’t just look to buy from the well known big named brands like BabyBjorn as these have huge marketing budgets and have been around for a long time.
  10. • So try smaller manufacturers recommended by your local sling library or Consultant.
  11. • Don’t rely on instruction manuals as they are out of date and not always correct. Your best advice will always be from a trained and insured Child carrying or Babywearing Consultant.
  12. • Try not to give up if a friend lends you one and you hate it!!
  13. • Finding a sling is quite similar to buying shoes. It is very personal and totally subjective!
  14. • Do visit a sling library/workshop and try before you buy. They also may have carriers you can hire and purchase too.
  15. • You can also buy lots of wonderful accessories there too, such as gorgeous baby leg warmers to stop those little bare parts from getting cold, beautiful teething necklaces, suck pads and lots more besides.
  16. • Do try a fabric baby wrap as it’s not as complicated as you think it is and you’ll get loads of support from the sling library. They are also super comfy and great for supporting your back.
  17. • Do go and get your back sorted out before baby gets really heavy, preferably seek advice from a back and pelvis specialist, who can often give you a check of health after baby is born. A sling protects your back!
  18. • Do always follow the TICKS for safe babywearing.
  19. • Do find the Baby Carrier that is right for you. It may not be right for your bestie or even your partner. Ask a Sling and Child Carrying Consultant to assist you with finding your perfect carrier and safely making sure it fits comfortably.

Then go out for lots of walks and build up your core muscles again, show off your gorgeous baby carrier and get a happier baby who cries less and sleeps better! 

We are still doing telephone consultations, Zoom and FaceTime consultations as well as postal hires and video tutorials which are gradually being uploaded on the website. Soon we’ll also be doing Zoom Elite Carrying Skills Workshops, message for more info  plus, you can still buy gorgeous brand new carriers as well as preloved ones there too, whilst choosing a beautiful teething necklace and groovy set of baby leg warmers to boot!

Love and light 💜 Vicky xx

Victoria Trevor BSc (Hon) PGCE
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